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Your health. In your hands. Today

Science-based Natural Health Solutions

Using botanical preparations, nutraceuticals, diet and lifestyle recommendations, mind-body therapies and acupuncture, all modalities that have been proven both safe and effective, I  help individuals achieve greater levels of health. Each treatment protocol is customized according to the patient's needs and preferences. 

Medically trained, Naturally focused, Digitally-savvyy  



Both branches of medicine - conventional and naturopathic- have an equally important role to play in people's health. I see the advantages of each, and can help you decide when and how to safely complement your existing treatment plans with natural therapies, while using technology to help you track and monitor symptoms and effects of treatment 

Chronic Disease Prevention and Management



My Integrative practice focuses on the prevention and management of chronic disease. Through diet and lifestyle modifications we can prevent the majority of the most common health issues of our times, and such changes also have a big impact in the course of already-established diseases

Achieving a healthy, vibrant life is possible! 
Dr. Paola Cubillos-Rizo
Naturopathic and Integrative Medicine

As an Integrative Medicine practitioner, I want to help you achieve optimal levels of health and wellbeing by blending my training experience in conventional and naturopathic medicine. 

I believe that treating each person as an individual, considering all aspects of their health - physical, mental, emotional- leads to greater, more sustaniable health goals. Integrative Medicine draws from both traditional wisdom and the latest scientific discoveries to help you restore health by addressing the causes of disease and imbalances. 

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